Wanted By Night by Azzaro

Wanted By Night by Azzaro


Inspired by Loris Azzaro, Wanted by Night came to market in 2018. Designed to be used in the cooler, winter months, this fragrance is for sensual men who go with their instincts. The scent opens with top notes of cinnamon and tangerine, moving into mid-tones of incense, red cedar and cumin. The spicy, woody base is comprised of cedar, cypress and tobacco.

Brand: Azzaro


Wanted By Night by Azzaro

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Essence concentration of between 15% – 20%. Lasts approximately 4 – 8 hours.

Fragrance Notes

Top NotesCinnamonTangerine

Mid NotesCuminIncenseRed cedar

Base NotesCedarCypressTobacco

Launch Year2018