Aventus by Creed

Aventus by Creed


Using only the finest ingredients, Aventus was created by father and son team Olivier and Erwin Creed and bought to market in 2010. This masculine, seductive fragrance opens with a fruity burst of apple, bergamot, back current and pineapple. The heart develops into notes of rose, patchouli, birch and Moroccan jasmine. The base notes are made up of oak moss, musk, vanilla and ambergris. Aventus is ideal for night time wear.

Brand: Creed

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Essence concentration of between 15% – 20%. Lasts approximately 4 – 8 hours.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes

AppleBack currentBergamotPineapple

Mid Notes

BirchMoroccan jasminePatchouliRose

Base Notes

AmbergrisMuskOak mossVanilla


Olivier CreedErwin Creed

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