Gentleman by Givenchy

Gentleman by Givenchy


Warming, crisp, sensual. Gentleman was first released in the 70?s but was updated in 2017 to perfectly meet the modern gentleman?s needs. It opens with a classic and energizing combination of bergamot, lavender, and black pepper, followed by an intoxicating combination of warm cinnamon, cloves, and orris for the middle notes. Finally, a rich combination of base notes concludes the fragrance: tonka, patchouli, tolu balsam, black vanilla husk, and benzoin.

Brand: Givenchy

Gentleman by Givenchy

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Essence concentration of between 5% – 15%. Lasts approximately 2 – 4 hours.
Essence concentration of between 15% – 20%. Lasts approximately 4 – 8 hours.

Fragrance Notes

Top NotesBergamotBlack pepperLavender

Mid NotesCinnamonClovesOrris

Base NotesBenzoinPatchouliTolu balsamTonkaVanilla husk

Launch Year2017