Brit Rhythm Intense by Burberry

Brit Rhythm Intense by Burberry


Warming and powerful, Brit Rhythm Intense by Burberry is ideally suited as an Autumn or Winter fragrance. The fragrance opens with top notes of raspberry, fig, sage, wormwood, cumin, bergamot, and pepper, providing an instant kick; this is followed by warming mint, amber, patchouli, basil, and lavender middle notes. Finally, rich base notes of guaiac and cashmere woods, coumarin, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, and leather complete the fragrance, providing a strong, masculine scent overall.

Brand: Burberry


Brit Rhythm Intense by Burberry

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Essence concentration of between 5% – 15%. Lasts approximately 2 – 4 hours.

Fragrance Notes

Top NotesBergamotCuminFigPepperRaspberrySage

Mid NotesAmberBasilLavenderMintPatchouli

Base NotesCashmere woodCoumarinGuaiac woodLeatherSandalwoodTonka bean