Creed Perfume For Men

The House of Creed perfume for men and women use the finest ingredients on offer and are dedicated to creating luxury and originality. Founded by James Henry Creed and based in Mayfair, London, Creed has continued to create both exquisite garments and fragrances for over 260 years, with the brand’s focus becoming a niche perfume house.

A Royal Beginning

The story began back in 1760 with a pair of scented leather gloves which were delivered, by a then unknown tailor and habit maker, to King George III. This man was James Creed, who created leather scented gloves for the King, for when he rested his chin on his gloved hand he could inhale the wonderful aroma of the glove, whilst riding his horse through London. The King was so impressed by the gloves he commissioned James to create the first fragrance aptly named the Royal English Leather.

Henry Creed II was born in 1824 and was considered by many to be the most innovative perfumer. Henry worked hard to establish the business in Europe and was famous for creating the most well known perfumes commissioned by monarchies in Europe.

The History

In 1854, at the request of Napoleon III and his Empress, Eugenie, The House relocated from its home in Mayfair, London to the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Hearing of its reputation for flawless tailoring and exclusive fragrances, Napoleon and his Empress Eugenie appointed, the then Creed and Cumberland firm as an official supplier to the Royal Household, by way of Royal Warrant. This is an award given to those who supply the Royal Court, or Royal Family, which allows the supplier to advertise the fact that they supply to the Royal Family, in turn giving prestige to the brand.

The Parisian headquarters soon embarked on creating a legacy of exceptional perfume for men and women in their newly found Paris headquarters. These fragrances were cherished by perfume admirers in the Royal household and socialite circles.

A Family Business

Over the centuries, the legacy has been passed down from father to son through seven generations. The brand has established perfume boutiques in many major cities across the globe including Paris, London and Milan. They also have stands in high-end retail stores. It is said that two perfumers; a father and son, have always created perfumes in-house. The current generation is father and son duo, Oliver and Erwin Creed.

In 1933 it was said the brand was establishing other high profile creations for its range of fragrances, including a product for the Bishop of Paris and other exclusive perfumes for celebrities and well known political figures.

Moving Forwards

Moving into the 20th Century the history books record evidence of Creed’s perfumes and fragrances from the late 1960s or early 1970s with the first perfume trademark being registered in 1979, in France.

Olivier created his first fragrance, an traditional eau de cologne and a matching aftershave. Although its release date is not officially documented, bottles of the cologne and aftershave are still in circulation.

By the mid 1980’s the brand celebrated breakthrough success with a fresh new ‘fougere’ fragrance, a blend of fragrances with top notes of sweet scents such as lavender along with oakmoss, herbs, spice and a wood fragrance. This was again created by Oliver and given the name Green Irish Tweed. It was released for sale in 1985.


A similar success story in the brand’s repertoire came along in 2010, whilst celebrating its 250th year. To celebrate the company launched a new fragrance, The Royal Service. Only 1000 bottles were made, signed and numbered. The fragrance Aventus, was also released this year, which is the best selling men’s fragrance in the brand’s history. Aventus for Her would be created and released in six years time, in 2016.

Aventus for him is described as ‘a sophisticated scent, perfect for the modern discerning gentleman’. It is said that the success of Aventus enabled the House to open its boutique store in New York. The third collection to be introduced in 2021 was Les Royales Exclusives, a superb collection featuring fragrances crafted from the highest quality ingredients sourced from all around the world.


Many of the fragrances created by the House are not currently on sale either by the brand themselves or by authorised retailers, because the perfumes are often ‘vaulted’. A good example of this is the re-introduction of Royal Mayfair, which was originally commissioned by the Duke of Windsor. This fragrances celebrates style and London fashion.

Creed Logo
Founder: James Henry Creed
Founded: 1760
Headquarters: Paris, France