Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances for Men

Since the 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent has become an iconic name in the fashion industry and later, would bring the same style, sexiness and daring attitude to the world of fragrances.

Compare the different scents and styles of our Yves Saint Laurent men’s fragrances.

History of Yves Saint Laurent

Born on 1 August 1936 in Oran, Algeria, Yves Saint Laurent grew up by the stunning Mediterranean. He found school difficult, suffering at the hands of bullies but thankfully found comfort in fashion. His very first designs were creating detailed paper dolls and dresses for his mother and sisters.

At age 17, his mother took him to Paris for a meeting with Michael de Brunhoff, the editor of French Vogue. Brunhoff was impressed and a year later, Saint Laurent moved to the fashion capital and enrolled at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, where his designs quickly started getting noticed. Brunhoff was also the one responsible for introducing Saint Laurent to acclaimed designer, Christian Dior. According to Saint Laurent, Dior taught him the basis of his art, “I never forgot the years I spent at his side.” As he began working for Dior, Saint Laurent was praised for his stunning dress designs.

In 1966, he ventured out on his own and launched his fashion label. One of his most notable designs were his tuxedos for women, showing he wasn’t afraid to take risks. From here, models and actresses flocked to the designer, with his signature designs taking centre stage.

By the 1980s, Yves Saint Laurent had become an icon in the fashion industry. In 1983, he became the first living designer to receive a solo exhibition in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Behind the scenes though, Saint Laurent struggled with addiction. Thankfully the 90s saw the designer emerge healthier and his success continued. 2002 marked his final show and official retirement. Though he died in 2008 his mark on the fashion world continues to live on.

Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances

Just like his fashion, Saint Laurent made a name for himself in both women’s and men’s fragrances, pushing boundaries in effortless style.


With a conquering spirit and a feeling of triumph, Kouros has been inspired by the gods of Ancient Greece and exudes an intoxicating masculinity and strength.

Coriander layers energetic pops of bergamot before artemisia comes through with a powerful punch. Clove and floral notes add a sensual tone and oakmoss brings the fragrance to a warming and masculine finale.

Kouros Body

Taking Kouros to a new daring level, Kouros body is for the man who takes care of his body, who isn’t afraid to have a sexy and sensual side with a masculine look.

With fresh top notes of eucalyptus contrasting with warming incense, this a scent that takes risks, just like its wearer. Chinese cedar and mace blends into camphor and benzoin wood for a warming base that sits perfectly on top of the skin.


Paying tribute to the lively spirit of jazz music, Jazz embodies the collective joy of the scene, where people of all backgrounds, race and cultures come together to enjoy the music.

This is a fragrance that is as sexy and fun as the music is. Lavender and geranium add a soft and relaxing tone before cypress and patchouli bring a masculine and spicy touch to this classic men’s fragrance.


For the urban and charismatic man, this fragrance is an ideal mix of elegance with ultra-masculinity, ready-made yet with added luxury.

Bergamot and a pop of cedarwood bring a light touch to the fragrance which is supplemented with spicy Chinese ginger. Floral notes of violet leaves and basil flowers come in to soften the scent before white pepper brings the bite. Finally, base notes of sandalwood and Haitian Vetiver add the final touch of character to the scent.

La Nuit de L’homme

Taking the classic L’homme and adding a bold sense of seduction, La Nuit de L’homme is for the man with the irresistible charm.

The oriental fragrance begins by pairing fresh notes of lavender with spicy black pepper for a scent that heightens the senses. Cedar then adds a sophistication before coumarin adds a sensual and warming touch.


This freeing scent is for the expressive and liberated man, the man who has a powerful relationship with his sexuality and body.

With fascinating beginnings of myrrh and cistus, a warm intensity gets the fragrance off to a memorable start. Mandarin delivers a vibrant tone before patchouli brings an addictive depth and oud wood reveals a rich expression.

Opium Homme

Paying homage to the Orient, a place of inspiration for Saint Laurent, Opium is a provocative yet mysterious scent.

The fragrance is an intense mix of exotic scents, perfectly paired to create an intoxicating blend. Blackcurrant, star anise and galangal offer a fresh overtone before the warmth of cedar and amber shines through to ground the scent. Sichuan pepper then delivers a powerful finish.


Everything starts with a why. This fragrance captures the liveliness of the modern man, Y is an authentic fragrance for the creative man who dares to follow his passions and lead the way down his own path. This is for the self-accomplished, successful and inspirational.

Perfectly working with light and dark, geranium, white aldehydes and lavender are a fresh top note before the sensual base of balsam fir incense and tonka bean ground the fragrance.

The bottle embodies modernity. Its design is minimal and crisp, yet powerful.

Y Live Intense

A refreshing take on the classic Y, this scent is all about encapsulating the adrenaline before the live performance. A fragrance for the man who lives for the thrill, who gives it his all, who lives moment by moment. This is raw, live and unplugged.

The thrill of the fragrance begins immediately with grapefruit, orange blossom and pear, bringing the same energy as a live performance. Base notes of juniper and cocoa then adds a rich touch, encompassing the intimacy of backstage.

Adam Levine is the ideal ambassador of the scent, someone who lives for the stage and the indescribable atmosphere.

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Founded: 1966
Headquarters: Paris, France