Ted Lapidus Men’s Fragrances

Ted Lapidus, founder of the brand, was one of the first French designers to take inspiration from the streets. He became famous for his uniform and unisex style as well as a love for nautical design, which could be seen throughout the brand’s fashion lines and fragrances.

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History of Ted Lapidus

Born in Paris in 1929, Ted Lapidus was a son of a Russian tailor and apprenticed in this profession as a first insight into fashion. When he found he was unable to afford medical school, he studied fashion design and began his career with an apprenticeship at Dior.

In 1951, he started his own fashion label and as the brand entered the ‘60s, he joined the Paris Haute Couture Trade Association. Lapidus quickly gained fame amongst celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon. Perhaps the most notable, was Lapidus’ white suit design which John Lennon wore on the cover of The Beatles’ album, Abbey Road.

Lapidus was also the first designer to persuade model Twiggy to swap her miniskirt for a suit and tie. This unisex style became a signature of the Lapidus brand and he was credited as its creator. The fashion house was also hailed for bringing a military and safari style to high-end fashion, showing that the brand wasn’t afraid to push boundaries. What’s more, Lapidus is also recognised as the brand that made blue jeans popular for everyday wear.

Nautical Themes

As a passionate sea lover, nautical themes could be felt throughout the designs. Ted Lapidus also took inspiration from one of his friends who had a stockpile of military medals. Lapidus started to work with the medals and turn them into buttons and from here he engraved an anchor as well as two fleurs-de-lis – this became Lapidus’ logo and emblem.

Ted also drew all of his fashion sketches with the same small doll’s head, which was affectionately named ‘the Lapidus doll’ or ‘Koukla’. His past tailoring experiences was shown in his designs as his clothes were praised for how well they fit different body types.

As the haute couture started to decline, Lapidus expanded into the world of fragrances and accessories. In 1970, the Ted Lapidus fragrances launched in partnership with L’Oreal and immediately achieved great success.

In 1995, the brand became the property of the Jacques Bogart Group and since then, the Ted Lapidus name has continued to grow.

In his personal life, Ted Lapidus married twice and had two sons and a daughter. His son, Oliver, began running the brand in 1989 and continues to focus on the fragrance side of the Lapidus name.

Ted Lapidus Fragrance


An oriental and woody scent, Altamir combines raw masculinity with alluring sensuality. With long-lasting wear, this fragrance takes the confident wearer long into the night.

Top notes set a vibrant first impression with bergamot, pineapple leaf and neroli. Heart notes bring a calming tone with lavender, cyclamen and orange blossom before base notes of tonka bean, musk and patchouli bring power back to the fragrance and a strong masculine finish.

Pour Homme Sport

This aquatic and woody scent brings a powerful and seductive freshness to the wearer that is long-lasting and perfect for all-day wear. It is said to emulate the feeling of an endorphin release after strenuous exercise and sport.

With spicy top notes of rosemary, basil and bergamot the fragrance packs a powerful start before warming into mid-tones of nutmeg, geranium, orange blossom and sea notes. The scent’s warmth continues into the base notes where patchouli, leather, cedar and incense offer sophistication to round off the fragrance.

Ted Lapidus Logo
Website: www.ted-lapidus.com
Founder: Ted Lapidus
Founded: 1951
Headquarters: Paris, France