Perry Ellis Men’s Fragrances

Since the brand’s launch in the mid-80s, Perry Ellis has continued to be a top producer of men’s fragrances, bringing the same vibrancy and innovative thinking from the fashion house into its perfumery.

Compare the scents, styles and prices of the different Perry Ellis men’s fragrances below to find the one to suit you.

History of Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis, the man and founder of the brand was forward-thinking, someone who wasn’t afraid to break away from tradition and with innovative ideas – all attributes that helped shape the brand into the fresh and sought-after name it is today.

Ellis believed that fashion should be fun and not taken seriously. He didn’t play by the rules and completely redefined American sportswear. In fact, innovation became his focus as he wanted fashion to suit real-life wear, not just something that looked stylish.

His ‘breaking barriers’ attitude earned him several awards including the Coty Award for his first show in 1979, which he subsequently won 8 more times. He also won the CFDA Designer of the Year award in 1982 and then just two years later became the head of the CFDA.

Refreshing Approach

The Perry Ellis brand, since its initial collection in 1976, has always been designed as a way to enhance life – to give people the confidence to do anything and go anywhere. He used patterns, strong pops of colour, new shapes and completely inventive styles – the Perry Ellis brand embraced fashion and turned it on its head with a refreshing new approach, one that had the wearer in mind at all times.

Perry Ellis first entered the world of fashion as a buyer and merchandiser and earned a master’s degree in retailing from New York University. After living in Virginia for a little while, he moved back to New York and was approached by his employer at the time to design a fashion collection for them. Though Ellis couldn’t sketch, he knew exactly how to tap into the market and so his first women’s sportswear line, Portfolio launched with success. Following this, Ellis founded his own fashion house and his own showroom in New York.

Throughout the early 80s, the brand continued to grow with the launch of menswear, shoes, accessories and perfume.

In his personal life, Ellis began a relationship with attorney Laughlin Barker in 1981 and they remained together until his death. In 1984, Ellis and his long-time friend Barbara Gallagher conceived a child together through artificial insemination.

After Ellis’s passing in 1986, respected designers such as Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford helped continue the brand’s operation and the legacy lives on. Today the Ellis brand aims to challenge itself to bring a fresh, yet relevant outlook on life and provide a versatile, adaptable and extremely wearable wardrobe.

Perry Ellis Fragrances

Perry Ellis launched its first fragrance in 1986 and since then, has continued to unveil a range of fresh and vibrant fragrances for different personalities and styles. The company has released over 50 unique fragrances for men and women.


This aromatic fragrance is designed to accompany any outdoor excursion and is perfect for daytime use. The wearer is a masculine male who enjoys days out with his loved ones.

This versatile scent starts with top notes of pineapple, bergamot, oregano, anise and ferns to add a subtle vibrancy to the fragrance. Heart notes relax the scent with lavender, geranium, basil, palmarosa, vetiver and neroli before masculine base notes of cedar, sandalwood, musk, leather and amber close the fragrance with a strong captivating finish.

The scent is a brilliant addition to your favourite daytime outfit. Sporty yet sophisticated and a clean and timeless fragrance.

Perry Man

This masculine and citrusy fragrance offers an irresistible scent that stays with you all day long. For the individual and confident man, this is a versatile scent for many occasions.

The top notes appear immediately for a strong and inviting first impression of lime, bergamot, neroli and apple. Heart notes of teak wood, patchouli and rose settle the scent before masculine base notes of labdanum, vanilla and musk soak into the skin for all-day wear.

Portfolio Elite

This crisp and refreshing fragrance is an aromatic and dynamic scent for the elite man.

Top notes of apple, white currant, lemon, artemisia, petitgrain, rainforest accord and mandarin offer a bright start to the scent. Heart notes reveal geranium, thyme oil, lily of the valley and cardamom before the fragrance settles at the base with vetiver, tree moss, cedarwood, amber, tonka bean and musk.

Perry Ellis Logo
Founder: Perry Ellis
Founded: 1978
Headquarters: New York, USA