Paul Smith Men’s Fragrances

The Paul Smith brand is renowned for ‘finding inspiration in anything’. Classically British but not afraid to stand out, this attitude transferred seamlessly into fragrances following a hugely successful fashion line.

Compare the scents and styles of Paul Smith’s fragrances for men below to find the fragrance to suit you.

History of Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of Britain’s most prominent designers who is famed for his creativity. His ability to combine tradition with modernity along with his values of offering pieces that are ‘classic with a twist’ has helped him become the household name he is today.

Born in Nottingham, England in 1946, Paul’s early ambition was to become a professional cyclist. However, at the age of 17 when he was cycling to work, he was involved in a major accident that put him in hospital for almost 6 months. During this time, his friends encouraged him to pursue art and fashion and so he started to take classes in tailoring and eventually began working for a tailor.

His passion for cycling was regularly referenced in his work over the years. In fact, he would later release a book titled ‘Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook’ about this interest. He also released his book ‘you can find inspiration in everything’ which shows how Paul was able to use a variety of sources to inspire his brand – from everyday life to high art. He was passionate about keeping his designs quintessentially British – a dry sense of humour that was eccentric but not silly, and not afraid to stand out.

The Company

The Paul Smith fashion company was founded in 1970. He opened his shop in Nottingham that same year which featured Paul Smith’s own designs as well as established clothing labels. In 1976, Paul showcased his first men’s collection in Paris, which was the starting point of major growth for the brand and led to him opening his flagship London store in 1979. This later expanded into Tokyo in 1984 and New York in 1987.

It is thought that women loved the Paul Smith menswear designs so much that they were buying smaller sizes to wear themselves. This led to the designer launching a dedicated womenswear collection and later, a kidswear collection.

Following years of success with his iconic brand and after winning many awards, Sir Paul Smith was knighted in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II. He was even seen on the big screen with a cameo appearance in Men in Black: International, having also designed the suits in the film. To this day, the company remains independent with Paul owning the majority of it.


Though the Paul Smith brand and reputation is founded on men’s clothing, the business also expanded into other areas, such as fragrances, with great success.


This daring fragrance is a vibrant mix of woody and spicy, a classic scent with a twist that gives the wearer a definitive signature scent.

Citrus top notes of bergamot mix with warming spicy scents of rosemary, nutmeg and cardamom for a vibrant start to the fragrance. Heart notes of floral geranium and rich rosewood add depth before base notes of Tonka bean, musk and sandalwood provide a strong, woody, and masculine base that offer a sensual touch on the skin.

Hello You

The Paul Smith brand is all about the joy of discovery, and Hello You is the perfect embodiment of this ethos. Combining two iconic designs from Paul’s career – the famous stripes and the pin-up illustration – the brilliant aesthetics match the bold fragrance inside.

The fragrance takes traditional British themes and adds a fresh twist. Top notes offer a bright start with citrus yellow mandarin and bergamot oil as well as herbal coriander seed. Citrusy scents continue in the heart notes with apple as well as spicy pink pepper before British aromatic lavender. Base notes of vetiver haiti oil, patchouli and ciste absolute provide an earthy foundation with strong masculinity.

Paul Smith Logo
Founder: Paul Smith
Founded: 1970
Headquarters: London, England