Jacques Bogart Men’s Fragrances

“Je ne crée que pour l’homme” (I create only for men) is the slogan that has arguably made Jacques Bogart the hugely popular brand it is today. The brand’s ability to appeal to their target audience whilst still maintaining an emphasis on the strong individual character of a man, is what sets Bogart apart.
Compare the scents, styles and fragrances of the different Jacques Bogart men’s fragrances to find the one to suit you.

History of Jacques Bogart

Created in 1975 in France, the Jacques Bogart brand quickly moved from strength to strength as it maintained its originality that pushes the boundaries of fashion and fragrances.

The Bogart Group is an independent family business with a range of fragrances and skincare lines under its name. The company also manages well-known brands such as Bugatti, Faconnable and the cosmetics company Stendhal.

It all started with founder and menswear designer Jacques Konckier who released the company’s first line of masculine fragrances in 1975 to great success. Just five years later, Bogart released the world’s first range of men’s skincare, which completely changed both the market and the everyday routine of men.

In 1981, Bogart released its show-stopping men’s fragrance One Man Show, which is still sold today. Jacques Bogart knew how to create timeless fragrances to appeal to the man who wants a scent with character.

The brand continued to expand and in 1983 Bogart acquired the operating licence for Ted Lapidus fragrances. From here, Bogart also acquired Chevignon fragrances, skincare company Méthode Jeanne Piaubert from the L’Oréal Group and Balenciaga, which was later sold in 2001.

The Jacques Bogart group has 390 own-name stores (as of 2019) across the world. The group also counts 9 fragrances and cosmetic brands that it either fully owns or produces under licence.

Jacques Bogart Fragrances

Jacques Bogart fragrances are carefully crafted to suit different styles but all are characterised by their powerful scent and masculine elegance.

Bogart Pour Homme

A versatile and long-lasting fragrance that can take you from the office and into the night. Created by Maurice Roucel and Norbert Bijaoui, Bogart Pour Homme is a fragrance that won’t let you down – put it on in the morning and be confident that it will transition with you into the night.

The scent starts with an exciting contrast of relaxing lavender and a vibrant pop of bergamot. Mid-notes of orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley and rose add a fresh floral touch before masculine base notes of tonka bean, patchouli, musk, oakmoss and cedar offer a strong and woody finish.

Bogart Pour Homme was released in 2004 and continues to be a popular aromatic fragrance. The sleek bottle matches the attitude of the wearer with a classic appeal, just like the scent.

One Man Show

This unique fragrance is for the wearer who likes to be memorable, perfect for the masculine modern-day man. Created in 1980, this timeless fragrance has stood the test of time and is still a favourite today. ‘Every man’s life is a one man show’ and this scent gives the wearer the confidence to have more character.

Top notes gently cover the skin in basil, Brazilian rosewood and bergamot before the complementary heart notes of nutmeg, patchouli and carnation offer a spicy scent. Base notes give power to the fragrance with leather, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. This scent is a subtle yet strong mix that is perfect for everyday wear but due to its intoxicating nature, is truly ideal in a romantic setting.

The bottle is classic, just like the scent, with sleek glass casing the aromatic fragrance.

Jacques Bogart Logo
Website: www.groupe-bogart.com
Founded: 1975
Headquarters: Paris, France