Hugo Boss Fragrances for Men

Since launching into the world of fragrances in the 1980s, Hugo Boss fragrances have been amongst the brand’s most successful products and they are regularly some of the top-selling scents worldwide.

Compare the scents, styles and prices of the Hugo Boss for men fragrances below.

History of Hugo Boss

Despite its controversial start, following the Second World War Hugo Boss expanded into men’s suits in the 1950s which was the beginning of the brand becoming the household name it is today. At this time, the company was under the direction of Eugen Holy, Hugo Boss’ son in law and by the end of the 1960s, Holy’s sons Jochen and Uwe took over the company and began reshaping it into the international fashion group known worldwide.

By the 1970s, men were becoming increasingly fashion-aware with many wearers turning to the Hugo Boss brand as it was known for its high-quality men’s collections. As the successes continued, Boss moved into fragrances in 1984 and since then, has regularly featured among the top-selling scents.

Hugo Boss Fragrances

Boss Bottled

For the man of today, the one who shows the world who they are through their actions. Boss Bottled is for the man who shows his values by how he lives, because actions speak louder than words. This fragrance remains as relevant today as it was when it launched 20 years ago. For every hour of every day, Boss Bottled is the perfect accessory.

The woody fragrance is complex yet versatile, unfolding into different scents with each hour. With top notes of apple and citrus fruits, Boss Bottled immediately shows its energy. Heart notes provide a contrast, proving the strength of the fragrance with geranium, cinnamon and cloves. Base notes of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver secure the masculinity of the fragrance, providing a long-lasting scent that effortlessly fits into your daily routine.

Boss Bottled Infinite

For the man of today who connects with his inner-self and is able to manage his various roles in life, Boss Bottled Infinite is a fresh, intense and superbly masculine scent.

The fragrance offers a perfect mix of energising notes with sensual and aromatic woody tones. Fruity top notes of apple and mandarin pair with warming cinnamon for a vibrant contrast of scents. Heart notes of patchouli, rosemary and lavender add fresh yet relaxing tones before the base notes of olive wood and sandalwood provide a strong, masculine finish.

Boss Bottled Night

Go into the night with this secret weapon of seduction. Boss Bottled Night gives the wearer a compelling presence, for elegance and sensuality as well as edgy masculinity.

Top notes are a vibrant mix of energetic lemon leaves, bitter birch leaves and relaxing lavender. The fragrance settles effortlessly into the heart notes of warming cardamom, jasmine and aromatic African violet. Base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and musky Louro-amarelo offer the perfect mix of sweet and masculine – showing the many different personalities of the wearer.

 Boss Bottled Tonic

Taking the classic Boss Bottled and adding a fresh, masculine twist, Boss Bottled Tonic is for the man of today who wants to regain composure, reflect, and go again. This is the face of modern masculinity, giving the wearer time to refocus on his path to success.

This sophisticated fragrance starts with vibrant apple and citrus fruit before heart notes of spicy tonic ginger and cinnamon carry the energy. The base notes provide sensual woody tones for a masculine finish, ready to take the wearer into the night.

Boss Bottled United

Taking the energy of an inner-city football pitch and combining the freshness of the outdoors with the urban warmth, Boss Bottled United is a vibrant, sensual and strong fragrance to match the wearer.

Top notes of wild buchu plant bring the power of nature before spearmint heart notes add a wave of freshness. Woody base notes provide a strong and masculine finish that lingers on the skin.

Boss Bottled Unlimited

Capturing the unlimited energy, freshness and aromatic masculinity of the classic Hugo Boss Man, Boss Bottled Unlimited is all about boosting the wearer to push limits and achieve personal success.

Invigorating top notes of fresh mint, iced violet leaves and grapefruit bring a vibrancy that carries on into the heart notes with pineapple, rose and warming cinnamon. The base notes add a solid masculine grounding with cistus, sandalwood and musk, the strong aromatic scents that linger on the skin as you move from day to night.

Boss in Motion

For the dynamic man who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and overcome life’s challenges, Boss in Motion is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, giving the wearer quiet confidence.

Fresh and bright top notes of bergamot and violet leaves start with energy before herbal basil grounds the scent. Heart notes of pink pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg add a spicy and warm sensuality before base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and musk bring self-assured masculinity to the whole fragrance.

Boss Orange

For the spontaneous and passionate man, Boss Orange is an energising fragrance encapsulating the free-spirited optimism of the wearer.

Crispy apple, aromatic coriander seed and cardamom offer bright top notes before sensual heart notes of frankincense, Szechuan pepper and myrrh come in. Sweetness is added in the base notes with vanilla bean before Bubinga wood and patchouli cement the whole masculinity of the fragrance.

Boss the Scent Absolute

Taking the original Boss the Scent and adding intensity, Boss the Scent Absolute is for the confident wearer, the one who isn’t afraid to be wholly and absolutely seductive with this addictive scent.

Spicy ginger ensures the top notes pack a punch before the heart notes kick in with sweet Maninka fruit and sensual Mondia roots. The base notes bring a smoky and sultry vibe with vetiver to linger softly on the skin.

Boss the Scent

For the passionate man, the one who knows seduction is something to be savoured, Boss the Scent is an irresistible fragrance to reawaken the senses.

Top notes of ginger offer a vibrant start before exotic heart notes of Maninka fruit unfolds. Leather accords reveal in the base notes for a powerful, full-bodied and masculine finish.

Hugo by Hugo Boss

This iconic fragrance is for the risk-taker and the go-getter who will push boundaries to get to where he wants. Hugo by Hugo Boss is the scent to boost your confidence and open possibilities for you to live the life you want.

With crisp green apples offering fresh and energising top notes, heart notes complement with earthy, aromatic and herbal scents. Fir balsam cements the wild forest tones, encapsulating the wild spirit of nature.

Hugo Energise

Hugo Energise is an aromatic fragrance for the man who moves on his own terms.

With contrasting top notes of citrusy kumquat and mandarin with spicy pink pepper, the vibrancy of the scent is felt immediately. Heart notes harness the energy of nature with coriander and juniper berry before masculine base notes of jacaranda wood and suede provide a solid base that lay on the skin seductively.

Hugo Iced

For the modern and urban man, Hugo Iced is an invigorating aquatic fragrance ready to take the wearer on new adventures and life-changing experiences.

The freshness of the scent begins immediately with iced mint and wild tea before the heart notes of bitter orange and juniper add a fruity touch. Vetiver in the base notes secures the scent with firm masculinity, which settles effortlessly on the skin.

Hugo Just Different

For the man who makes his own rules and isn’t afraid to be different, Hugo Just Different is a fragrance with surprises at every turn.

Fresh top notes of iced cold mint add vibrancy which carries on into the heart notes with freesia and basil. Cashmeran in the base notes adds musky and woody tones for a masculine finish, giving depth to the whole fragrance.

Hugo Reversed

Change your perspective with Hugo Reversed, a fragrance that encapsulates the urban spirit with a fresh twist.

Top notes bring citrus energy with bergamot before pamplewood enters in the heart notes to pair grapefruit and woody tones. Haitian vetiver adds aromatic masculinity to finish the scent with the cool confidence to take your day in a different direction.

Hugo Boss Logo
Founder: Hugo Boss
Founded: 1924
Headquarters: Metzingen, Germany