Geoffrey Beene Men’s Fragrances

From its inception, Geoffrey Beene’s mark on the fashion world was bold. Praised for its individuality and wearability, when the brand branched out into other areas, their approach was no different. The Beene range of fragrances are as iconic as the fashion house, timeless scents that still prove popular today.

Compare Geoffrey Beene men’s fragrances to find your signature scent.

History of Geoffrey Beene

Born Samuel Albert Bozeman Jr. in 1927, Geoffrey Beene grew up in Louisiana. Initially, he enrolled in pre-med at Tulane University but dropped out after three years and enrolled at the University of Southern California to pursue his interest in fashion. However, Beene never actually attended any classes and instead, accepted a job working in the display department at the I. Magnin department store.

Beene followed his love for fashion and moved to New York to study at the Traphagen School of Fashion. His studies continued in 1948 when he moved to Paris to attend the École de la Syndicale d’Haute Couture – a traditional route for many European fashion designers. He honed his talents even further during a two-year apprenticeship with a tailor from the couture house of Molyneux.

In 1951, Beene returned to New York and worked for several fashion houses before eventually being hired by Teal Traina, a major garment house. He remained here for a few years before he decided it was time to put his name to his own brand and so, Geoffrey Beene Inc. was born. In partnership with Leo Orlandi, a production manager from Teal Traina, the pair offered high-quality and ready-to-wear women’s fashion. His first collection was so successful that one of his dresses was featured on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Beene quickly became known as a creative visionary which was cemented in 1966 when he started designing ball gowns using grey flannel and wool jersey. This became so iconic that Beene’s first fragrance was named Grey Flannel.


Throughout his career, Beene was known for his innovative techniques and craftsmanship, paying attention to detail. Designs included a series of dresses inspired by athletic jerseys and using everyday and inexpensive fabrics such as muslin, sweatshirt fabric and denim. In Beene’s opinion, the turning point of his career came in 1972-1973 when he turned away from traditional methods and tried softer silhouettes and experimenting even further with fabric.

After conquering the world of both men’s and women’s fashion, Beene branched out into other areas such as eyewear and even bed sheets. With the launch of his first fragrance and the success continuing, including being the first American designer to show in Milan, Italy Beene was able to buy out his partner by the early 1980s. During this time, Beene furthered his innovative style by introducing jumpsuits to his collection, calling them ‘the ballgown of the next century’. The designer was seemingly showered by awards including being named Designer of the Year in 1986 by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, as well as a new award being created by the same council – the Special Award for Fashion as Art.

Beene’s flagship retail store opened in 1989 on Fifth Avenue and his work continued to be praised. He offered a mix of high-priced couture with more affordable wear, and even a sportswear line. Throughout his career, Geoffrey stayed out of the limelight and focussed on creating and keeping his attention firmly on the world of fashion.

Geoffrey Beene Fragrances

Grey Flannel

The original fragrance by Geoffrey Beene, Grey Flannel is a classic that is versatile, timeless and never falters.

Opening with bright notes of lemon and bergamot followed by floral middle notes of violet, sage and rose, the scent is fresh and alluring throughout. Base notes add a masculine finish with tonka beans, oakmoss and cedar tones to complete the fragrance with bold tones, perfect for every occasion.

Bowling Green

This vibrant mix of sharp and spicy with woody tones makes this a balanced fragrance for all-day wear.

With citrusy and fruity top notes that bring vibrancy, calming scents of lavender and sage then effortlessly settle the fragrance. The base notes of coriander and sandalwood add a masculine touch for a casual, long-lasting and memorable fragrance.

Eau De Grey Flannel

The fresh, woody fragrance of Eau De Grey gives it a masculine yet light tone perfect to take you through day and night.

Opening with a blend of citrusy and spicy notes of mandarin orange and lemon with caraway and star anise, the fragrance gets off to a vibrant start. The heart notes bring the energy to a more relaxed state with lavender, eucalyptus and clary sage before the base notes of sandalwood and musk add a strong masculine finish.

This is a soft scent perfect for spring and summer.

Geoffrey Beene Logo
Founder: Geoffrey Beene
Founded: 1966
Headquarters: New York, USA