Diesel Men’s Perfume

Diesel’s ‘dare to be different’ attitude gives its wearer the ultimate confidence. Taking a slick, cool and individual style and translating across both fashion and fragrances.

Compare the prices and find your signature scent from the range of Diesel men’s perfume.

History of Diesel

Founder Renzo Rosso originally started Diesel in 1978 to create the world’s most innovative denim. During this time, diesel was a response to the worldwide oil crisis which inspired Renzo to be known as an alternative jeans brand.

From the beginning, the slogan ‘For Successful Living’ became intrinsic with the brand and truly encompasses the ethos of both the wearer and Diesel products. By 2010, the company had over 400 stores and in 2012 Rosso featured on the Forbes list of billionaires for the first time.

Diesel’s denim became hugely successful and when the brand decided to move into the world of perfumes, it didn’t take long for them to build the same sought-after status.

Diesel Perfume


A daring and sophisticated scent, Bad encapsulates the rebel attitude. It is a fragrance for the bad boy and the bold wearer, the one who dares to seduce.

Fresh top notes of lime punch through before lavender calms the scent and cardamom adds a warming touch. Heart notes of caviar add sophistication while base notes of tobacco and orris root add a woody depth to linger on your pulse points.

The bottle takes inspiration from the classic leather bike jacket to cement the seductiveness and masculinity of the whole fragrance.

Fuel for Life

Fuel your passion for life with this energetic perfume that offers seduction and mystery to the masculine wearer. Its woody yet refreshing scent makes it perfect for any occasion.

Star Anise and grapefruit start the scent with vibrancy, showing the energy that comes from nature. Raspberry continues the liveliness into the heart notes while heliotrope adds an aromatic touch. Patchouli and dry wood create a masculine depth that lay softly on the skin.

Only the Brave

For the man who chooses to be the hero. The one who is brave enough to go after his dreams and fight for his goals. He is determined, a self-assured leader who has the confidence to never give up – the only question is, are you brave enough?

This iconic fragrance begins with bright top notes of mandarin orange and citrus before heart notes add a calming and herbal touch with coriander, violet leaves and rosemary. Base notes cement the masculinity with amber, leather accord and cedar wood for a long-lasting woody scent.

The iconic bottle is carefully sculpted into a fist with the Diesel logo as a ring – a bold design to suit the stylish and daring fragrance.

Only the Brave Extreme

Taking the bold masculinity of Only the Brave original and adding a fresh twist, Only the Brave Extreme is a lively fragrance, one that empowers and dares the wearer to live bravely.

Using the mandarin, coriander, violet leaves and leather accord of the original fragrance, the scent remains powerful and bold. Lemon primofiore and apple add an invigorating twist with rose bringing a touch of floral sophistication. Tonka bean and patchouli leave a masculine and long-lasting impression that takes the wearer from day to night.

Only the Brave High

An exhilarating variation of the original fragrance, Only the Brave High takes the wearer to new heights where he will feel on top of the world. Elevate yourself with this intoxicating scent, be brave and go higher.

Like the fresh air rising above the skyline, this fragrance offers a crisp boost of mint along with bright grapefruit and spicy ginger. Woody notes and amber ensure the fragrance keeps its masculine roots.

Only the Brave Street

Taking the classic Only the Brave fragrance but with the raw and playful energy of the street, this cool and vibrant scent gives the wearer the confidence to fight for their dreams. For the urban man who makes the city his playground, the street belongs to you – are you brave enough?

Top notes of apple and bergamot offer vibrancy which then carefully settles with warming cardamom, liquorice and marine accord. Cedarwood adds a masculine touch with aromatic vetiver lingering on the skin alongside soft vanilla.

Only the Brave Tattoo

For the fearless and the rebellious comes Only the Brave Tattoo.

The scent starts with a fresh and sweet top note of apple before spicy Bourbon pepper kicks in alongside aromatic sage. Rich base notes of amber wood and Patchouli add depth before the intensity of tobacco washes over with firm masculinity. This is more than a fragrance, it is a tattoo to wear for life.

Spirit of the Brave

Echoing the original Only the Brave with a playful twist, Spirit of the Brave is for the wearer who will face any challenge with optimism. Life is better with a smile and positive attitude.

This fresh fragrance kicks in immediately with bergamot, galbanum and artemisia for an energising start. Earthy and green tones from clary sage, elemi and cypress ground the scent alongside strong base notes of balsam fir, addictive tonka bean and labdanum. This is a sensual and masculine fragrance that lingers seductively.

Diesel Logo
Website: www.diesel.com
Founder: Renzo Rosso
Founded: 1978
Headquarters: Breganze, Italy