Davidoff Perfume for Men

Davidoff, though now a top name in the men’s fragrance world, began life very humbly as a family-run business in Switzerland.

The brand takes its name and inspiration from founder Zino Davidoff, whose elegance, style and adventurous thirst for life shines through in all Davidoff perfume for men products – particularly the fragrances, which remain popular to this day.

Compare the different styles, scents and prices of our range of Davidoff men’s fragrances below to find your match.

History of Davidoff

The Zino Davidoff Group has grown organically from its family-based beginnings in Switzerland. Originally a cigar company, the brand now puts its unique style into many sought-after products including fragrances, timepieces and eyewear.

Now a household name, Davidoff takes inspiration from founder Zino, whose adventurous journeys are inspirational. From Russia to South America, Davidoff has crossed borders on a quest to find the finer things in the world. Though these adventures were grand, Zino Davidoff valued simplicity – the happiness that comes from seeing the world and enjoying its beauty and it is this ethos and spirit that goes into every Davidoff perfume for men.

The Davidoff brand embodies a zest for life. Its timeless style is the reason the name is still popular today. As Zino himself says ‘Pleasure in a thing of beauty is the essence of a happy life’.

Davidoff Fragrances

Davidoff launched its first fragrance in 1984 and just four years later in 1988, the iconic Cool Water made its mark on the world – cementing the Davidoff name as a top contributor to men’s fragrances.

Cool Water

Created by Pierre Bourdon, Cool Water embraces the sheer power of the ocean. As the original marine fragrance for men and inspired by the freshness of the ocean, Cool Water is a powerful scent that is as popular now as it was when it first launched in 1988.

The scent combines masculinity, power and seduction. The top note swells just like the sea with soaring peppermint and lavender popping to the surface. At the heart note, oakmoss, geranium and sandalwood move with force and intensity before the base comes forward with a warm flow of amber and musk.


Embodying the true spirit of the entire brand, Davidoff Adventure is for those who want to go beyond limits and boundaries.

With a woody base spiced up with black sesame heart notes and tropical rainforest top notes – this daring scent embodies masculinity and the raw power of the wild.


For the man who takes the time to build both physical and mental power, Champion adds to the daily ritual of this focussed man who knows what he wants and is ready to overcome all challenges.

The fragrance opens with a fresh burst of citrus before the sensual sage and pure galbanum essence shines through. The scent’s base is a woody tone from oakmoss to boost the character of the fragrance to where a champion deserves.


Harness the strength of nature with Davidoff Horizon. This freeing scent captures the tension between the earth and sky – giving you the feeling of being able to achieve anything while raising you to new heights.

Starting with a feeling of discovery and uprising with an energising rosemary and ginger blend, the mid-tones come through with rich cocoa for a warming and sensual layer. The base tones of vetiver and cedarwood then make way for a strong masculine foundation.

Hot Water

Channelling innate power and instincts, Hot Water is all about revealing a natural sex appeal. Set pulses racing as this scent caresses your skin.

The top notes are a sensual beginning with vibrant red basil and intoxicating absinthe. The heart notes explode with pimento and virile patchouli before the base note exudes masculinity with a fiery siam benzoin for a seducing conclusion.

Run Wild Him

Tap into the freshness from the wild and get back to nature with Run Wild Eau de Toilette for men. With the power, strength and masculine elegance coming straight from the wild, this scent truly brings the energy of the outdoors.

With wild lavender taken from the American Southeast, the top note bursts with freshness to deliver the fragrance’s signature scent. The warm heart notes come from Madagascar with its carefully-selected cinnamon and overtones of amber. Base notes come through with the power of fir balsam, drawing raw strength and vital energy.

The Game

Don’t just play, master the rules of seduction. For the risk-takers, winners and the self-confident, this assertive fragrance radiates sensuality and leaves nothing to chance.

A dazzling top note arrives with a unique Gin Fizz with juniper berries before the heart note iris laces with precious woods for an elegant overlay. Refined blackwood creates a powerful base note, giving a sensual grounding to the whole fragrance.

The Brilliant Game

For the natural-born winner, play the game with mastery. Effortlessly attract success with this addictive scent of victory.

With a colourful top note designed to emulate an Americano cocktail and heart notes of cedar wood and orange blossom, the scent arrives with a luminous spirit. Its textures create mystery before leading to the base note with sensual tonka bean providing an addictive scent for the victorious wearer.


The self-named fragrance is a classic with unyielding masculinity, created by Michel Almairac in 1986.

Opening with lavender, clary sage, rosewood and a citrusy pop of bergamot, the heart notes then shine through with elegance – combining jasmine, rose, geranium and lily-of-the-valley. The base cements the masculinity of the scent with patchouli, cedar wood and sandalwood before a touch of vanilla creates a delicate softness to round it all together.

Davidoff Logo
Website: www.zinodavidoff.com
Founder: Zino Davidoff
Founded: 1980
Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland