Cartier Men’s Fragrances

Cartier’s attention to detail and penchant for luxury has translated across the brand’s many products for over 150 years.

Compare the scents, styles and prices from the range of Cartier men’s fragrances below.

History of Cartier

Since its inception in 1847 by founder Louis-François Cartier, the brand has always put an emphasis on high quality and luxury. This was quickly noticed and led to Cartier becoming a supplier to the Royal Court in 1851 as well as renting a space on the Boulevard des Italiens, which at the time was the most fashionable neighbourhood in Paris. During this time, accessories were notably formal and highly decorative – this made Cartier’s light and elegant pieces stand out.

Once Cartier’s son Alfred took over the business, it began to expand but it wasn’t until Alfred’s son Louis entered the firm that the Cartier watches were released. The watches came to be from a chance meeting with Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont who complained to Louis about how unreliable pocket watches are while flying. This led to Cartier designing the iconic ‘Santos’ which is still produced today. Just a few years later, a contract was signed with luxury watch and clock manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre. During this time, Cartier also had offices in London, New York and St. Petersburg and was well on the way to becoming one of the biggest watch companies worldwide.

Today, Cartier has more than 200 stores across the world and has expanded into fragrances and other highly successful pieces of jewellery.

Cartier Fragrances

Cartier is known for its elegance, craftsmanship and luxurious products. Everything with its name represents this high standard, and its men’s fragrances are another example of the incredible attention to detail from the brand.

Declaration by Cartier

Declare your presence with this brave fragrance. For the man who isn’t afraid to follow his instincts and who dares to tell all.
This passionate scent is a perfect mix of spicy, citrus and masculine wood tones for an intoxicating fragrance that you can wear all day and night. Fresh bergamot and bitter orange start the scent with vibrancy before birch leaf, coriander and caraway seeds add an earthy depth. Mid notes of black pepper, cinnamon and ginger create a spicy layer overlaid with floral notes of blue iris. Tahitian vetiver, cedar, amber and oakmoss finish the scent with a masculine and confident energy.

Declaration Essence by Cartier

This modern and masculine fragrance exudes confidence. It is an elegant touch to any outfit, an invigorating accessory.

With energetic top notes of zesty lemon and lime, tea leaf and orange blossom then add a smooth touch. Mid notes offer floral scents with red geranium and lavender before warm amber and seductive musk add an enticing depth. Finally, earthy and woody tones of vetiver and sandalwood give a fresh and airy layer to this exquisite fragrance.

L’Envol by Cartier

A fresh and powerful scent to give you the strength to live without limits.

Honey accord provides a sweet opening before musk adds a subtle depth. Base notes of Guaiac wood and patchouli bring a masculine flair to round the fragrance off with warmth. This rich and musky scent is perfect for evening wear and through the winter months.

Pasha de Cartier

For the modern man with a penchant for the beautiful things in life, this elegant scent is full of depth and is perfect for all-day wear.

With fresh notes of mint and vibrant citrus pops, the fragrance is energetic before it relaxes with notes of lavender. Oakwood, sandalwood, cedar and amber add a woody depth, overlaid with moss and musk for an earthy and masculine finish. The bottle is inspired by the famous Cartier fountain pen to add to the whole sophistication of the fragrance.

Pasha Edition Noire

This is a charismatic twist from the original and popular Pasha de Cartier fragrance. An elegant scent to take the modern man from day to night.
With vibrant citrus top notes contrasting with intense mint, this intoxicating scent softens with floral tones of violet and sweet heliotrope. Spicy black pepper and cloves add a sensual touch before cedarwood and amber provide a masculine base. This fragrance is full of depth and comes packaged in a sophisticated matt black bottle with a bright silver stopper.

Pasha Edition Noire Sport

Taking the Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire and adding an invigorating touch, the Sport edition is for the energetic and confident wearer.

Using the strong masculine base of cedar and fougère of the original Pasha Noire, the fragrance adds a vibrant citrus accord and a wash of ocean mist to inject the energy of nature into the scent. This elegant fragrance is light and fruity but with enough depth to carry you through the day.


For the sophisticated fashion-forward man who wants to make a brilliant impression, this refined fragrance is luxurious yet easy-to-wear, encapsulating total freedom.

Notes of French labdanum, patchouli and vanilla bring soft, natural tones before mint and bergamot bring a light freshness, making this scent perfect for any occasion. Vetiver adds a masculine depth that lingers delicately on the skin.

The stunning clear glass bottle rests subtly on its side to give a feeling of motion and speed.

Cartier Logo
Founder: Louis-François Cartier
Founded: 1847
Headquarters: Paris, France