Calvin Klein Men’s Fragrances

Since its inception, Calvin Klein has been a brand to push bold and progressive ideas with a clean and minimal look. From their iconic underwear to their sought-after fragrances, Calvin Klein has always put its name to innovative and cool designs which almost immediately become a timeless classic.

Compare the scents, styles and prices from our range of Calvin Klein’s men’s fragrances below.

History of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein founded his namesake company in 1968 with a coat shop in New York City. The first CK collection debuted with youthful and understated coats and dresses which made the fashion world stand up and take an interest. In fact, just a year later in 1969, Klein appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine.

The 70s saw the Calvin Klein brand add more clothing to its collection of womenswear and by the end of the decade, the brand had licences for a range of accessories and jeans – a product that would become an icon of the CK name.

In the 80s, Calvin Klein introduced its highly successful underwear for men and women and in the 90s, the popularity of both the underwear and fragrances continued, cementing the name as a top producer of men’s and women’s perfumes.

Since then, the brand has continued to build on its reputation of producing clean and classic looks – wearable pieces that offer personality and unrivaled style.


Calvin Klein’s fragrances for men are some of the biggest selling of all time. Their exciting scents cater for every mood and occasion, which means that no matter what your style, the Calvin Klein collection has you covered.

CK Free

To be really free is to be filled with hopes, dreams and ambition. This dynamic scent is the embodiment of freedom for the wearer who is cool and controlled, the man whose passion is in adventure.

With energetic notes of absinth and star anise, the fragrance stays light with natural fruity tones of jackfruit and juniper berries. Heart notes of suede, coffee and tobacco leaves add deeper and masculine tones before base notes of ironwood, cedarwood and oak bring an exceptional depth and woody finish to the fragrance.


For the man who lives on the edge, this woody and masculine scent is perfect for all occasions but really shines in the evening.

Top notes immediately reveal where the scent gets its name with fruity tones of key lime and clementine juxtapositioned with relaxing lavender and sage. Heart notes warm the scent with cardamom and nutmeg while coriander and peppercorns keep the spicy energy. Woody base notes of Bubinga wood, sandalwood and vetiver end the fragrance with a masculine finale.


Make your encounter intriguing and seductive. For the masculine wearer who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it.

The fragrance is a brilliant contrast of fresh energy with warming masculinity. With crisp notes of mandarin, cardamom and rum transitioning into pops of pepper and jasmine, the scent offers a vibrant start. Base notes of agarwood, cedarwood and musk round the scent off with a gentle masculine finish.


Escape the ordinary and live with no boundaries. This fragrance is for the adventurous man looking for a scent that is fresh, natural and masculine.

Tangy grapefruit and mandarin bring a vivacious energy before clary sage settles the scent with a naturally fragrant touch. Patchouli and sandalwood solidify the masculinity of the scent, rounding it off to a wonderful aroma that allows you to escape ordinary life.


For the sensitive yet masculine man, strong and refined Eternity for Men is a romantic and classic scent. The wearer knows how to balance his family, work, health and happiness, an all-rounded and confident scent for the man who is at ease with himself.

Combining crisp and cool notes with warmer touches, green botanicals start the scent with a fresh pop. Sage and basil add depth and sensuality before rosewood and cedar offers a strong masculine touch that lingers on the skin.

Eternity Flame

For the man who can be both casual and luxurious, this scent is extremely versatile to take the wearer from work to play. Eternity Flame is about celebrating life and love, an intimate fragrance for any occasion.

Fresh notes of pineapple and rosemary gently combine with leather for a memorable scent before rosemary adds a warming heart. Labdanum resin continues the masculine tones for a strong and memorable finish that sits softly on the skin.


This addictive scent combines an alluring freshness with intriguing sensuality. For the modern man who wants a classic scent and the must-have accessory to any outfit.

Top notes start the fragrance with fresh pops of ginger and pepper as well as fruity chilled sudachi and aromatic raindrop accord. Heart notes of cedar leaf, sage and black basil offer a herbal touch before a sensual mix of suede, patchouli, Brazilian redwood and solid amber finish off in true CK masculine fashion.


For the young generation of men, with no inhibitions and full of character, this scent can take you from day to night effortlessly.

With cool top notes of pomelo, tangelo and lime gin fizz, warming heart notes of pimento, shiso leaves and cacao then add depth and a sensual touch. Strong masculine base notes of cedarwood, vetiver and musk offer a strong and lingering finish.


Obsessed is a tempting fragrance that stirs up the memory of a past love through scent. Combining memory with desire, masculine with feminine and the past with the present, this addictive fragrance can be worn both day and night.

With fresh and vibrant top notes of grapefruit, Sichuan pepper and black cardamom, Obsessed is full of energy before heart notes of cedar leaves and leather bring a calmness. Strong base notes of patchouli and black vanilla add a sensual touch that lays softly on the skin.


A powerful fragrance for the masculine and confident wearer, Obsession has a strong and distinctive scent, a timeless classic that is instantly recognisable.

Top notes are a brilliant mix of citrus bergamot, grapefruit, lime and mandarin orange with warming cinnamon. Heart notes bring further warmth and a herbal tone with Brazilian Rosewood, myrrh, pine tree and nutmeg before masculine base notes of amber, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and patchouli add long-lasting strength to the whole fragrance.

Calvin klein Logo
Founders: Calvin Klein & Barry Schwartz
Founded: 1968
Headquarters: New York, United States