Azzaro Men’s Perfume

Since launching in the late seventies, Azzaro’s men’s perfume have become legendary. Extending from the highly successful and sought-after fashion house, Azzaro scents are for those who dare, who want to live more intensely and make each day an exhilarating experience.

Compare the prices and scents of different Azzaro men’s perfume to find the one to suit your daring personality.

History of Azzaro

Born in Tunisia in 1933 to Italian parents, Loris Azzaro spent his childhood and teenage years soaking up the Meditteranean lifestyle, which would ultimately inspire many aspects of the brand.

Azzaro’s first taste of fashion came in 1955 when he met his future wife Michelle Carsy and designed a necklace for her. This led to him designing more jewellery and bags, which quickly became desired by elegant women.

In 1962, Azzaro moved to Paris, the world’s fashion capital, to create costume jewellery. He opened his first fashion accessory workshop in 1965 and just two years later, he stepped into the world of women’s clothing, opening his couture house and presenting his collection of evening gowns and draped bustiers. The bold creations immediately made waves in the fashion industry, with the Anneau dress featuring on the cover of Elle magazine and famous stars such as Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot wearing the beautiful designs.

Azzaro Fragrances

In 1975 Azzaro launched its first fragrance for women; Azzaro Couture and three years later in 1978, Azzaro stepped into the men’s fragrance world with Azzaro Pour Homme – a seducing scent and in the words of the brand, ‘for men who love women who love men’.

Through the years, the successful Azzaro men’s perfume range continued, producing a scent for every style. Though Loris Azzaro passed away in 2003, the brand is still known today for its innovative fragrances for both men and women.


Inspired by his Mediterranean roots, Azzaro vowed to create a fragrance that represented the stunning blue waters, the sunshine and the freshness of the coast – and so Chrome was born in 1996.

Chrome is about freedom and invigorating energy, like the way the sun feels on your skin after a dip in the Meditteranean waters. With an original combination of ingredients including citrusy bergamot, musk and mate leaves it creates a subtle harmony that is instantly recognisable.

The bottle goes hand in hand with the fragrance. The square shape with bold silver cap affirms masculinity whereas the fragrance’s azure-blue colour shines from the glass, like the glistening surface of the Mediterranean. The original Chrome is all about freedom whilst also representing the unique relationship between father and son – inspired by the relationship Loris had with his grandson.

There have also been several other Chrome variations – capturing the same freshness with their own signature style.

Chrome Legend

Chrome Legend, released in 2007, adds a fruity touch to the original fresh Chrome scent with green apple and bitter orange. Designed by perfumer Christophe Raynaud, the scent gives a burst of citrus energy before settling into woody tones including cedar, oakmoss and warm amber.

Chrome Sport

In 2010, Chrome Sport took the stage with an aquatic and lively fragrance designed by Michel Almairac. Pairing zesty and citrusy overtones with aquatic and gingery middle tones, the scent ends with warmth from amber, Virginia cedar and musk.

Chrome United

First released in 2013, this scent is all about those carefree moments you share with your friends. Add to your pulse points for a spicy complexity – with top notes of bergamot and Szechuan pepper leading to Ceylon black tea and violet leaf and finally topping it off with a scent of white musk.

Pour Homme

This iconic scent has stood the test of time, originally launching in 1978 and continuing its success to this day. It is distinguished and perfectly embodies the origins of Loris Azzaro’s seductive couture collections. Though he was known for inventing ultra femininity, Azzaro proved that masculine seduction is a powerful tool and he knew exactly how to tap into it with Pour Homme fragrance.

Sparking attraction with pops of freshness, power and sensuality, Pour Homme follows perfumery traditions with a carefully-crafted composition of more than 320 ingredients as well as its signature of “fougère aromatic woody”. The bottle oozes the same charisma and seduction as the scent, with a warming amber tone washing over the masculine octagonal glass bottle.

Night Time Pour Homme

Taking the classic Pour Homme with clear instructions on when to use it, this fragrance invites the wearer to be the seductive and irresistible gentleman whose look promises a night to remember. Using the “fougère green woody” family and adding intensity with rhubarb, bitter orange and cedar, this is an elegant, generous and charming fragrance. The bottle takes the iconic shape of Pour Homme but with a charismatic shaded effect to get you ready for your unforgettable night ahead.

Azzaro Logo
Founder: Loris Azzaro
Founded: 1962
Headquarters: Paris, France