Antonio Puig perfume for men

Puig is irrefutably a huge player in both the fashion and perfume world. With great success stories of owned brands such as Paco Rabanne and Prada, their stronghold has never taken away from their passion for delivering ‘fragrance experiences that make people dream’.

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History of Antonio Puig

Founded in 1914 by Antonio Puig Castelló, the Puig name has been known and loved for over 100 years. Even after more than a century of business, the company remains family-owned and is now in its third generation.

It was in 1922 when the Puig name launched its original beauty product; Milady Lipstick. This was the first ever lipstick manufactured in Spain, proving the brand was not afraid to be innovators, even in their early years.

The first of the Puig fragrances came in 1940 called Agua Lavanda, a true landmark in both men and women’s fragrances. Since then, Puig now includes a combination of owned brands that have proved hugely successful over the years. This includes big names such as Paco Rabanne and Jean Paul Gaultier.

In 1946, Puig had grown to such a size that it was able to establish a new headquarters in Barcelona. Just two years later, Puig released another timeless fragrance, L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci.

The Next Generation

Antonio, Mariano, José María and Enric Puig Planas – second-generation Puig’s – joined the company in 1950 and over the next decade had huge successes including establishing offices in the United States and launching Moana, a leader in bath and shower gels.

The late 60s and early seventies saw more expansion including creating the Paco Rabanne Parfums division and establishing a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. 1973 cemented Puig’s sophisticated image with the creation of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, showing that Puig’s place in the men’s fragrance world was a strong one. This success eventually led to the Puig brand obtaining the entire Paco Rabanne business.

Through the years, the acquisitions continued. These included big names such as Carolina Herrera New York fashion division, Nina Ricci fragrance and fashion business, and also joint ventures with Prada and singer Shakira. In fact, the business has been so successful and admirable that Harvard University has written a case study on Puig.

Though hugely successful and working alongside many famous brands, the company has always maintained an ambition of creating quality products, having a successful business and continuing the dreams of Puig consumers.

Antonio Puig Fragrances

Since releasing their first fragrance in 1940, Puig continued to craft, becoming experts in creating scents that leave a lasting impression.

Agua Brava

Channel the essence of masculinity with this fragrance designed for the strong man who is full of character. The self-confident man who oozes personality needs a fragrance to match his energy.

Created in 1968 by renowned perfumers Marcel Carles and Rosendo Mateu, Agua Brava is one of the most recognised Spanish perfumes and even 50 years later, it remains a classic.

With fresh and vibrant notes of lavender, bergamot and sage, the scent settles into natural pine and thyme before ending on a strong woody base of oakmoss and sandalwood. The herbal and vibrant scent makes the fragrance perfect for daytime wear in any season.

Aqua Quorum

Pairing refreshing zesty tones with deep masculine scents, Aqua Quorum is a brilliantly long-lasting fragrance that is ideal for daytime use.

With calming top notes of lavender and freesia, the scent moves to a vibrant heart of grapefruit and geranium. The masculine base ground the fragrances with notes of leather, amber and oakmoss.

Launched in 1993 and created by Rosendo Mateu, Harry Fremont and Alberto Morilla, the diverse scent can be used for both casual and formal occasions.


This warming fragrance is the ideal long-lasting scent. Fresh and vibrant yet with ultra smooth masculinity.

With top notes of energetic and citrusy bergamot, grapefruit and lemon, the middle notes relax the scent with lavender, sandalwood and pine tree. The base gives the fragrances its masculine touch with leather, oakmoss, amber and tobacco.

Carlos Benaim, Max Gavarry, and Rosendo Mateu designed this Antonio Puig perfume in 1981 and since then it has become a timeless classic.

Antonio-Puig Logo
Founder: Antonio Puig Castelló
Founded: 1914
Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain