A fresh, green scent

The Mentha plant family, or Lamiacaae family is collectively known as ‘mint’ and has many species within it. The exact number of species is unknown, but estimated to be between thirteen to twenty four types and includes spearmint, peppermint and many more. The herbs can be found growing in a variety of environments, although it does favour moist soils and wet environments.

The plant will grow to between ten centimetres and one hundred and twenty centimetres tall and can spread over an unparalleled area, which means that many botanists consider them an invasive species. It is a versatile herb that appears in a great many products as well as a plant that commonly grows in lots of gardens.

The health benefits of this herb have been used for many years as the leaves are believed to be full of rich nutrients and its menthol effect provides cooling and relaxation benefits.

Mint – Fresh Green
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The History of Mint

It is believed the herb was first introduced to England by the Romans, however the Spearmint has been grown for so long it is even referenced in the Bible. It has also been referred to in Ancient Mythology where Pluto’s wife, Proserpine turned an enemy into the mint plant.

In Ancient Greece the leaves were used as a scent to perfume the body and was mainly used on the arms at this time. In the 14th Century the plant was used for the first time as what we would know as toothpaste, however it was used to whiten teeth at that time rather than the oral hygiene of today’s standards.

Aromatic Scent

This fresh green scent which has been used for many centuries in a variety of ways, usually as an infusion. It has been used as a herbal remedy for digestive complaints as well as a treatment for skin inflammation as well as an ingredient in food or an embellishment in drinks.

As the plant is highly aromatic and invigorating it is making a comeback in both men and women’s fragrances, as well as cosmetics. Given the plant’s scent is greatly perfumed if you require a light, brief fragrance, you only need to use one of the small green leaves, however for a more intensive fragrance, a handful of leaves could be used.

Men’s Fragrances containing Mint