Geranium, a floral fragrance

Geranium oil comes from a small perennial shrub which has a botanical name of Pelargonium Graveolens, which also produces Rose Geranium oil. It stands tall with multiple branches and can grow up to one and a half metres tall and can reach out to one metre. The flowers are small and vary from white to pale pink flowers, whilst the leaves are deeply pointed, but are soft to the touch and similar to the feel of velvet. This softness comes from the glandular hairs that grow on the surface of the leaf. The leaves may smell strongly of rose however some plants may not have such a strong scent..  The delicate flowers are in bloom from August to January. There are hundreds of species of Geranium which is native to South Africa, but can also be found in Algiers and Morocco.

Geranium – Floral
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What does it smell like?

The smell is fairly controversial, it appears to have a very love, hate reputation. Those that love the smell describe it as a citrus scent such as lemon, with a twist of spice and hint of rose. It has also been described as a masculine rose fragrance. Those who dislike the scent say it is too overpowering and a strong, heady scent. That said, the oil can be blended with other essential oils to create a more palatable fragrance. Aromatherapists say a citrus oil will create a much fresher scent, whilst jasmine may be used to highlight the floral notes.

Perfumes and fragrances

Geranium is a versatile scent and therefore a well used fragrance in the production of perfume. The most commonly used type is the Pelargonium Graveolens or Rose Geranium. It is mostly used in colognes, floral type fragrances and those which require a herbal scent.

As well as being a popular perfume ingredient, the oil has many benefits for health and wellbeing. It can be used to help acne and skin conditions and its rejuvenation benefits make it an attractive addition for cosmetic products. It is also said to help decrease stress. Scientific studies have also investigated the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

How is the oil extracted?

Geranium oil is extracted by collecting the plant leaves and derived by the use of steam distillation.

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