A fresh, green fragrance

Apple is a fresh green fruity note which can be either sweet or in the case of green apples, sharp and sour.

This is an edible fruit which grows on trees of the same name and is also known by the horticultural name of Malus domestica. The trees are grown all over the world and are the most widely grown species in the Malus family.

Apple – Fresh, Green
Fragrance Wheel

How the fruit is grown

The fruit tends to be grown by using something called a cultivar, this is a type of plant which is bred, by human manipulation, for its desired traits. This is achieved by using a horticultural technique called grafting, or graftage. This is where the plant’s tissues are joined together so that combined growth can be achieved.

These tissues are generally joined at a rootstock, which is usually an underground part of the plant and the result is the production of above-ground growth. This technique is used as trees which have been produced in this way tend to be quicker to bear fruit once they have been planted and the fruit is smaller in size which in turn allows for easier harvesting.

Did you know that there are thousands of different cultivars of this fruit? The different cultivars are bred to create a diverse range of fruit for differing tastes and uses. Uses include eating and cooking as well as a variety which can be used in the production of the popular alcoholic beverage, cider. The trees have to be carefully maintained as they, and the fruit they produce are subject to several problems including fungal, bacterial as well as pest issues.

This fruit is popular worldwide and the production of apples in 2019 was an incredible 86 million tonnes. China accounted for almost half of that total.

Apple in fragrance

The use of this fruit in fragrances can be dated right back to the medieval era of Arabic perfume history.  The fruit is used, however it is the blossom that is used to give perfumes and fragrances the soft floral scent. There is also an ‘apple tree note; which has become more popular in recent times. It is a synthetic ingredient which creates a fruity-woodiness.

Men’s Fragrances containing Apple